New Practice Opening 10 October 2022

How We Help

: to ensure we are the most appropriate next step in your recovery journey we will need basic information on the nature of the problem, your journey thus far, and details of those that have been helping you. Based on this we can then schedule an initial appointment or refer you to a more appropriate service if needed.

CLINICAL INTERVIEW & COLLATERAL INFORMATION: at the first consultation you undergo an extensive clinical interview to understand the nature of the problems, background history, and how you would describe your current functioning from a physiological, cognitive and emotional perspective.

NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING & PSYCHOLOGICAL INVENTORIES: You'll undergo a battery of neuropsychological tests designed to measure how your brain is functioning in a variety of different domains. You may also be asked to complete inventories which describe emotional & behavioural functioning, as well as personality & coping styles.

ANALYSIS & FORMULATION: Like putting together the pieces a puzzle to create a picture, the Neuropsychologist analyses and integrates these sources of information to assist in clinical diagnosis, description of the problem areas, and strengths & weaknesses within a cognitive profile.

FEEDBACK & REPORTING: None of the above means much unless it is reported in a way that is accurate and easy to understand. Various levels of feedback and reporting are available according to referrer or client requirements.

TREATMENT AND/OR PATHWAY MANAGEMENT: The process of assessment often informs treatment and management pathways. The Neuropsychologist makes recommendations on what treatments may be most appropriate, and whether any further assessment or additional referral is required.